CORE Data Centres

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CORE Fast Storage

iSCSI Storage for Colo Tenants in Toronto

APO Services

If you know how many GB/TB of storage your applications require, and the read/write IOPS needed to give your users the average and peak response times you aim for, perfect! You can start a trial of our onsite networked storage to confirm performance levels and then select an agreement based purely on allocated space and speed, billed monthly. We can also help determine your needs and provide a detailed storage profile for specfic applications.

Storage Setup and Management

It could not be simpler for tenants to add new networked drives or add additional storage. Simply contact us and we'll help select the cable type that matches your equipment, and you will see the new iSCSI volume in your operating system. We provide program management services to deliver the data centre project.

24/7 Support

The provisioned storage capacity and guaranteed IOPS are subject to 24/7 support by phone or email. Every tenant will be provided access to a dashboard for storage resources, showing status and activity. We provided high-speed storage service via 10 GbE or 40 GbE cable pairs for redundancy and can be reached at any time to modify configuration settings or increase capacity..