Core Data Centres


Modular Data Centres in
Smart City locations

  1. Build world class, tier-3 modular locations fast, efficiently and with minimal investment
  2. Single point of accountability and outstanding responsiveness
  3. A flexible, scalable location that can accommodate the huge growth rates.

Core Data Centres was approached by a local community to develop a modular Data Centre Solution. We realized that we could provide a CORE Box as an ongoing solution or a one time sale.

We estimate that our edge client will require an estimated 300 units to service Canada over the next few years.

Our CORE Box comes in 3 possible solutions. 1 Cabinet, 5 Cabinets or a 10 Cabinet design. All units are equipped with Air Conditioning, UPS / Batteries (or DC power plant), Fire Suppression, Security and a back up generator.

Please contact us for more information.