Core Data Centres

Core Internet exchange

We offer the ability for all content providers to our internet exchange to enable the most efficient minimal hop direct peering point solution.  Our peering point will be exclusive and only a pre-approved enterprise peering group will have access to the largest enterprise market providers such as Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, AWS Amazon services, and Google Cloud services.


Simple Services

If qualified we work with you to identify the ideal fit for your aggregate traffic to multiple peers on one physical port. We equally handle multiple small peers to their private interconnects so business runs in it's strongest state.


The path with the least amount of hops with the right size port speed and ability to handle your network traffic is our specialty. We focus on ensuring the past path to your success and that starts with minimal network hops for your users to the content and applications you provide.


We allow you the ability to increase or decrease your connections on demand. Often when engaging customers we find through our initial consultation that they oversubscribe.

Reduce Costs

Our approach is to take our top talkers and group them in a single hardware platform and even down to the blade and port level to ensure absolute best in class services to minimize the requirement to travel up the stack into IP transit