CORE Data Centres


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Meet industry veteran Bill Henneberry’s new firm, co-founded with Jim Nikopoulos, CEO, a nimble newcomer to Canada’s data centre landscape providing scale and custom solutions in the age of digital transformation.

Bill Henneberry designs data centres in his sleep. The Chief Technology Officer of CORE Data Centres is only half-joking, admitting that his work, a preoccupation that extends far beyond a means to make a living, is never far from his thoughts. “I’ll be going to sleep at night and I’m already designing the next day’s work,” he says. “To a certain degree I’m always thinking of a design: how it can change and how it has to evolve.”

Data centres and colocation have been a fixation of Henneberry’s “before data centres were really even around”. He’s worked at “all the big companies” and consulted at many more, before founding CORE Data Centres with Jim Nikopoulos, CEO. Core Data is a relative new entrant to the market that nonetheless boasts an agile team of specialists with near unrivalled experience. Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada’s snowier counterpart to Silicon Valley, the business was founded 16 months ago with the underlying philosophy that data centres should be ‘more than just a building and power’ – and a promise to extend these values in its approach to working with partners.