Data Center

Brampton Data Centre

Brampton Facility is an Uptime Institute TIER 3 design and operation certified DC and is a 126,815 sq. ft. with an expansion capability of 92,354 sq. ft. (total 219,169 sq. ft.). Brampton DC has 80,000 sq. ft. of whitespace after expansion. It has a 9.77 acres of land in secure and risk-free area, 27 MW of Utility power and Backup system, and a 27 ft clear height with 36” raised floor (depressed slab – no ramps).

Electrical Infrastructure

  • 30 MWs hydro capacity – Two diverse “ACTIVE” utility feeds in Main Tie Main configuration from separate grids.
  • 5 x 2,000KVA/1,600KW, 13.8 KV diesel generators in an N+1 configuration (Expandable up to 30 MW)
    • 250,605 liters of combined fuel storage on site to provide.
    • 168 Hours of runtime.
    • Priority refueling agreements in place.
  • 10 x Liebert UPS each consisting 750 KVA/675 KW (Expandable up to 20 UPS) in N+1 configuration.
    • 15 minutes of backup under full load.
  • Automatic Transfer Switches move load to generators within 30 seconds.
  • Multiple PDUs and RPPs distributes in A and B side power configuration

Mechanical Infrastructure

  • Multiple 32 Ton Vertiv/Liebert CRAH units designed as N+1 configuration.
  • 4 York Centrifugal chillers rated at 520 tons for a total cooling capacity of 2080 Ton.
  • 4 BAC cooling towers at 520 tons each.
  • Redundant Steam humidifiers
  • Designed to accommodate future expansion, infrastructure. (Prebuilt Platform, piping, slabs, Louvers etc.).

Network and Fire Suppression Infrastructure


  • 2 x Meet Me Rooms with redundant fibre paths.
  • Bell, TELUS, Rogers, Beanfield, and Zayo
  • Redundant fiber paths and presence in both Meet Me Rooms.
  • 2 diverse duct banks on either side of the property

Fire Suppression

  • Protected by an automatic wet, dry, and pre action pipe sprinkler system.
  • Gas based clean agent fire suppression system for critical areas.
  • VESDA based early detection in 10 zones.

Security Infrastructure

  • High security fence around the building perimeter (planned for installation in 2023)
    • Fence height is 2.4 m and goes 48” deep into the ground.
  • Dedicated security staff 24x7x365 days to monitor and respond to all events
  • Turnstiles with anti-tailgate protection.
  • CCTV monitored on site with 84 fixed and PTZ cameras.
  • Bullet resistant glass and reinforced wall in Security Office.
  • Biometric authentication in addition to card access system.
  • Strategically place CCTV cameras
  • Video footages retained for more than 400 days.