Data Center

Markham Data Centre


  • Purpose Built 41,000 SF Data Center Building
  • 22,000 SF of customer ready white space.
  • 3.4 acres of land in secure and risk-free area.
  • Shared office space, storage area and staging rooms.
  • 17’ clear height with 24” raised floor (depressed slab – no ramps)
  • BMS system with real time monitoring – wireless sensors in all rooms.
  • No windows to prevent “breaking and entering”.
  • Pre-Action and VESDA based fire system.

Site Entrance

  • High security fence in place around the building perimeter.
  • Fence height is 2.4 m and goes 48” deep into the ground.
  • Safeguards are taken to prevent “fence to roof” movement.
  • Normally closed Gate for Pedestrian and Vehicular access.
  • High security bollards in place around the building.
  • Designed to stop vehicles from ramming the building and entrances.
  • Strategically placed to control the path of approach into the building.

Office Area

Conference Rooms

Large screen TV and comference equipment is availble. Seating for up to 12 People. Available for anyone to use.

Tenant Office Space

Desks and chairs are available in the Tenant office Spaces. Desk phones along with data drops for internet access. Wi-Fi access is also available.


The purpose-built Data Center facility provides a multi-layered security environment.

  • The building’s physical design intentionally minimized external access points and includes no external windows.
  • State of the art video surveillance system comprised of numerous fixed and movable (PTZ) cameras.
  • 24/7 Security booth – Bullet proof with man-traps and anti pass-back protection.
  • All cameras are actively monitored by live onsite security guards and are remotely accessible by the network operations team.
  • The system provides 360-degree coverage of the facilities external perimeter with specific emphasis on all access points such as doors, loading docks, roof access, and parking areas.
  • Alarm system actively monitors status of external access points with door position sensors and motion detection devices.
  • Alarm events generate alerts to both the onsite security guards and the network operations team

Data Hall

  • Galvanized steel hinges with security screws or bolts
  • Secure and dedicated cage area for clients
  • Microsoft Azure’s standard used for cage walls
  • All entry points are monitored by Core security 24/7/365


  • Carrier neutral Data Center with multiple carriers at redundant Meet-Me-Rooms.
  • 4 ingress points (Entrance Links) for the fiber line into the building to mitigate risk of damages or failure.
  • Separate underground conduits from the perimeter fence to the Meet-Me-Rooms.
  • Meet-Me-Rooms located at two sides of the Data Center for maximum feasible separation.
  • No fiber lines cross each other on the way to Meet-Me-Rooms.
  • All major carriers are already present with redundant paths to both Meet-Me-Rooms.
  • Existing carriers include Bell, Rogers, Telus, Acronym Solutions (formerly HydroOne Telecom), Cogent, Beanfield, Zayo, MetroOptic etc.
  • New carriers are welcome to establish their Point-Of-Presence with no hassle.
  • Controlled access to Meet-Me-Rooms.

Critical Power Systems

  • A and B side power distribution design as per Tier 3 standards for N+1 Redundancy with concurrent maintainability.
  • 16 MW power capacity in total from Alectra Utilities.
  • 3 x 1100 KW UPS with 10 Minutes of backup under full load.
  • 3 x 1.5 MW Generators on site in N+1 configuration.
  • 5 days of runtime at full load and Priority refueling agreements in place.
  • Two “Active” independent 8MW underground feeds coming into the building.
  • Automatic Transfer Switches will switch seamlessly to UPS/Batteries In the event of Utility failure.

Emergency Power Systems

  • 3 x 1.5 MW Detroit Diesel continuous-duty generators in a N+1 configuration.
  • 5 days of onsite fuel at full load with 24 hour priority refueling contract.
  • New 2 x 2 MW Blue Star generators scheduled to install by Q2 of 2023.
  • Daily walk through inspection of leaks, batteries, block heater, oil and coolant levels.
  • Annual load bank tests on all generators by simulating full load for 4 hours.

Cooling System

  • 30 Ton CRAC units with VFD “variable frequency drives” to save energy and lower PUE.
  • Alternative Water Source (chilled water by “Day” and DX-Backup by “Night”)
  • The primary cooling cycle with dual compressor, DX refrigerant cooling as a backup.
  • All units equipped with Dual compressors and in N+1 configuration.
  • Scheduled to install Markham District Energy chilled water loop for additional cooling capacity and lower PUE.
  • Cold aisle containment & other energy savings programs

Loading Dock

  • Made of heavy-duty frame and 24-gauge steel sheets.
  • Made with Higher Rated Torsion Springs.
  • Monitored for alerting the Security whenever opened.
  • Doors can be independently and remotely controlled.
  • Obstruction sensor to identify potential objects on the way and stop the door from closing.